Top Tier Multicultural Production companies...

... most of whom have been in partnership with Momentum for over ten years. If we were to say that they are "amazing" it doesn’t quite cut it. Staples in the Multi-Cultural market, experts at shooing both inside and outside the US. They are incomparable in their collective knowledge. We admire each and everyone of them for their unique traits and are honored to continue representing them.




Four Letter Word is a production company that specializes in commercial filmmaking. They represent some of Latin America’s most experienced directors and have recently added exciting new talent.

Open in fall, 2013, F4LW services the US Hispanic and General markets. In October 2013, Norman Christianson and Jorge Aguilera spearheaded the launch with jobs for López Negrete, Saatchi New York and Casanova Pendrill.

The producer is Paco Cossio and the directors include:

Norman Christianson | Jorge Aguilera | Franco Garuti | Alejandro Barbabosa | Santiago Chaumont | Fernando Arzate




We are proud of working closely with our friends at LANDIA, with a Top Boutique Roster composed by 4 Rock Ad Stars, Andy “The Head” Fogwill, Luciano “All Time Champion” Podcaminsky, Agustín “Patagonic Rockstar”Alberdi, Maxi “His Whiteness” Blanco and a big bunch of the Most Celebrated Directors + internationally represented cracks: Glue Society, 1st Ave Machine, Filip Sterckx, Aaron Ruell and more. All together they form the best rainbow in the Hispanic Market. 
Satisfaction Guaranteed: 2 times Palm D’or, more lions than the Kruger Park, always on the top of Gunn Report and always sweeping the board in San Sebastian, El Ojo, Fiap (etc, etc, etc.) are our guarantee.
You can find them in Los Angeles, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Brasil & Mexico.

Some of their directors includes:

Matias Moltrasio | Luciano Podcaminsky | Andy Fogwill | Agustin Alberdi | Vellas | Rodrigo Saavedra | Miguel Campaña | Sergio Granados | Karina Minujin | Maxi Blanco | Lucas Shannon ... and many more.




While the talent that makes up Central Films North has been a staple in the Multi-cultural US Market for decades, Central Films North opened their full service, LA-based arm just a few years ago. The brainchild of John Barreiro and Rodrigo Garcia Saiz, these guys are non-stop. WIth seven consecutive years of winning at Cannes, Rodrigo Garcia Saiz is a force to be reckoned on an international level. We are so proud to represent such talent.

Some of Central's stellar directors include:

Rodrigo García Saiz | Kitty Bertazzi | Cali Ameglio | Toño Maya | El Pollo Arce | JC Craviotto







Cortez Brothers is a creative broadcast production company.

They have specialized in the Total / Multicultural Market since they opened their doors, and each one of their team members was carefully chosen because they understand both mainstream America AND the global influences that make it unique.

The common thread that ties CB  together is that they care deeply about quality work. All of us are equally passionate about creating great stories, and making sure that they look exceptional when the cameras are rolling.

Some of their directors include:

Simon Bross | Raul Fernandez | Mariana | Luis Gerard | Esteban Sapir | LOS PEREZ | Gandja Monteiro | Cole Webley | Guarna | Watta | Jonathan Barenboim and many more.





Since 1995 La Fabrica Films has built a prestigious track record and it’s recognized as one of the most professional production companies in Mexico and Latin America. It has built a service network that extends to multiple countries and markets.

The team at La Fabrica Films is passionate about its work and performs each job with creativity, always surpassing expectations with quality results. We love to represent great talents who embody their own aesthetics and creative vision, we’re interested in encouraging a positive atmosphere, to generate an added value towards our commitment for quality and passion.

Some of their directors include:

Augusto Zapiola | Martin Romanella | Martin Hodara | Sebastian Borensztein | Claudio Prestia | Lara Arellano | Yasmina Solanes | Nir + Fischerman





Carbo Films has delivered global creativity and award-winning production expertise to brands and agencies since 1992.  Whether it’s kaleidoscopic visuals or sidesplitting comedy, Carbo’s directors find new ways to endear the biggest brands in the world to U.S., Latin American and international audiences. Home to veteran and emerging talent alike, the shop’s family feel provides the perfect environment for ideas and filmmakers to grow.  Concepts of all scales are executed with artful precision across all media platforms.  Time and time again, Carbo proves that powerful storytelling can inspire anybody, anywhere.

Some of their directors include:

Alauda | Belen Gayan | Agustin Berruezo | Facundo Españon | Pedro Suarez | Hugo Menduiña | Mireia Pujol





VFX, COLOR, INTERACTIVE... What does the Mill not do?!?!  These rockstars with offices in LA, NYC, CHI, London really can fix about anything an agency could want.  Having worked now for two years with Momentum in the multi-cultural market, these guys have been rocking it for us!  We know, we know, you think they're expensive! But they have been working within our budgets and making it look awesome!  Give them a shot!




Based in Santa Monica, Pixel Power Post works on Editorial, Motion Graphics and Finishing with top talent for the Multi-cultural market.  Hispanic and Mexican editors, these guys work all over the country, editing remotely to meet agency's varying needs.  

Luis Carballar

Alejo Hoijman

Gabriel Wyre

Pablo Colella

Juan Palacio

Pablo Leda

Pablo Piriz

Ricardo Garcia Turegano



TheCutClub! was founded by Senior Creative Editor, Hernan Menendez, and has since expanded to become one of the main players in the industry.  They are a fully integrated editorial facility located in Miami, FL.  They're award winning work spans television commercials in both general and hispanic markets, short and feature films, music videos and online media.  

TheCutClub! has a reliable team ready to work on all creative and challenging projects.  They are storytellers in the most credible and imaginable way while.

Hernan Menendez

Tim D.

Fro Rojas


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